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Logo of Ulana. A U-shape with lauhala weaving on each side.

Weaving Hawai'i's past, present and future 

Ulana Museum

Welina Mai Kākou!

E lawe i ke aʻo a mālama, a e ʻoi mau ka naʻauao.

He who takes his teachings and applies them increases his knowledge.

Mission Statement

To study, conserve, and honor the creative endeavors of the peoples of Hawaiʻi and the Pacific while promoting education in the 

sciences and the evolution of the arts. Ulana: weaving the past, present and future.

Koru hand-drawn in black and white

Ulana Museum

Photograph of Hilo Bay taken from the plane. Photo is in color, taken 2019.

Situated in the heart of the Pacific, Ulana endeavors to make a humble contribution to the collective efforts of individuals, institutions, and communities to maintain and transfer traditional knowledge while celebrating the contemporary culture of the people of Oceania. Read more about Ulana here.


To prize greatly, value greatly, especially of something in danger of being lost

This exhibit will highlight four cherished plants, namely the ʻŌhiʻa Lehua, Hala, Kauila, and Ipu. These lāʻau are threatened by invasive species, which impact cultural practices, landscapes, and our ecosystems.

Celebrated, noted or legendary places of Hawai'i.

Highlights place names around Hawaiʻi island through the lens of a moʻolelo (story) titled Kamiki. 

Close up of historic map of Hawai'i Island











Close up picture of handmade kapa cloth on display. Kapa has geometric designs in brown, black and cream colors.
detailed photo of a hand made kapa cloth

Kato Kakala:
An exploration of collaborative art making

Kato Kakala is an Ivi project which draws on the wisdom and beauty of collective arts practices indigenous to the Pacific to create spaces focused on learning how to build environments of unity based on diversity and contribute to discourses related to strengthening social cohesion.

We held two wonderful collective art workshops on the east side and Waimea in August with Ruha Fifita! 

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Coloring Pages

Image of a coloring page that has been colored in by a student. Image depicts a waterfall, clouds, surrounded by 'ohi'a lehua blossoms and a stream on the bottom.

Free download: four coloring pages by Solomon Enos correlating to ʻōlelo noʻeau about ʻōhiʻa.

coloring page depicts 'ohi'a lehua blossoms and native birds.
drawing pages in black and white depicting the face of a woman and 'ohi'a lehua flowers
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