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Please note, this page is still being developed, however it was felt too important to not include these individuals from the beginning of our launch. Follow our instagram page for updates on new content. 

Paʻa Moʻolelo

Ka ulana 'ana i ka piko

In weaving you begin at the center


A core of knowledge has been bequeathed from those who've gone before us, whose efforts wove together and preserved the strands of Hawaii's history. 


When we learn from them, honoring their legacy and sharing it in community, we become part of that unfolding history, connected to what came before, to each other, and what is to come.

1881 Queen Liliuokalani.jpg
Queen Liliʻuokalani
King Kalakaua.jpg
King Kalākaua
John (Ioane) Kaneiakama Papa ʻĪʻī
John (Ioane) Kaneiakama Papa ʻĪʻī
Mary Kawena Pukui
Mary Kawena Pukuʻi
Samuel Kamakau
David Malo
David Malo
Zepherin "Kepelino" Kahōʻāliʻi Keauokalani
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